Use the Case Study at the End of the Module Assess the Clients Issues and Describe Your Treatment Plan.What Ethical Issues May Arise?

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ESSAY TITLE:”USE THE CASE STUDY AT THE END OF THE MODULE. ASSESS THE CLIENTS ISSUES AND DESCRIBE YOUR TREATMENT PLAN.WHAT ETHICAL ISSUES MIGHT ARISE?” ABSTRACT Miss E came to therapy for weight loss wanting to lose 2 and a half stone in all. She is 29 and came out of a failed relationship 6 months ago. She is now ready to look for another partner but is scared as her previous partner of 6 years was very controlling and almost seemed to want her to stay overweight. She had struggled with her weight since she was 12 or 13 and her parents badgered her about being unattractive and eating too much. She has tried many diets but always seems to put the weight back on again after a while. She is going on an all girls holiday in 3 months and hopes to have lost weight by then. INTRODUCTION AND INITIAL CONSULTATION Tutor permission has been approved for this case study. Miss E would like to lose weight before she goes on holiday with friends in 3 months ,her goal is lose 2 and a half stone in total. Miss E is ready to start a new relationship after being in a long term relationship that was very controlling and added to her weight problems. Miss E has from the age of 12 or 13 had weight problems, with her parents saying she was unattractive and eating too much. Miss E has tried to diet many times but so far unsuccessfully. It has been advised to Miss E that to lose 2 and a half stone in 3 months is unrealistic, and that the best way to lose weight, and keep the weight off, is to lose it gradually, about 1 to 2 lbs a week. Miss E is classed as being obese and is overweight due to taking in more calories over a given period of time than her body needs for maintenance, growth and activity. It has to be advised that any diet plans and/ or exercise plans need to be made by the proper qualified person, a nutritionist and personal trainer. Although it is common knowledge, and
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