When Sleeping Dogs Awaken

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When Sleeping dogs Awaken By Anne Schraff The book I read is When Sleeping Dogs Awaken by Anne Schraff. The book has 74 pages and was published by SaddlebackEducational. It was publish in 2009 and I got the book in Ms. Gordon classroom My book is about Tanner Brice. When Tanner was just 5 years old his Father was hit by a car and he died. They never found the driver who had hit and killed Tanner’s father. He was very sad he loved his Father a lot. In less than a year of his Father’s death his Mother remarried an insurance man named Floyd. Soon Tanner had a stepbrother Damon and it make him feel like he never was a part of the family. Only his Grandma Brice made him feel loved even more then his own mother. Tanner is now 21 has a girlfriend Bianca. He is about to graduate from automobile technical school and will move out of the house he doesn’t feel welcome in. One morning Tanner over hears his Mother and Floyd talking about how they known each other for 18 years. This doesn’t make sense, since it’s only been 16 years since his Father’s accident. This makes Tanner wonder what other lies his mother has been telling him. He starts to think maybe his mother and Floyd killed his Dad to be together. So Tanner starts asking and looking into his Father’s accident. He goes to see his Father’s old boss and best friend Mr. Sorenson to see if he could help Tanner found out if his mother and stepfather murdered his father. Tanner’s mother warns him to let sleeping dogs lie because Tanner could get hurt. It was a long time ago, this makes Tanner upset and he moves out. Tanner’s mother is all upset about him leaving home and sent Floyd, his Step-Dad, to go talk to him. Tanner is at the Library to visit his Dad’s old boss, to talk about his Dad’s death. When going to the Library something mysterious

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