Killings By Andre Dubus Summary

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Compare and contrast the three killer in Andre Dubus’ Killings. Use the themes morality and revenge to analyze the actions of Richard, Matt and Ruth In this short story there were two killings and four killers who were either involved in the murders of Richard Strout and Frank Fowler, or knew about it and didn’t do anything to stop it. Through these killings, we learn a lot about love, love lost, and how individuals in society cope with these losses by either learning to live with it, or by taking justice into their own hands. (Dubus) In the story “Killers”, we learn about lost love ones from the point of view of three principle characters: Matt Fowler, his wife Ruth, and Richard Strout. For Matt and Ruth, this couple have to cope with the loss of their youngest son Frank, who was gunned down in cold blood by Richard Strout, the husband of Frank’s girlfriend Mary Ann. For Matt and Ruth, they suffered on multiple levels. They had to cope and heal from the loss of their beloved son, who had a beautiful future ahead of him, but also experience other injustices such as seeing Richard Strout walking around town, flaunting his freedom, while their son was dead. Matt, in a conversation with his close friend Willis Trottier, remarked, “Every day since he got out. (he was asked how often he thought about Strout since the murder) I didn’t think about bail. I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about him for years. She (Helen) sees him all the time. It…show more content…
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