Andrew Gaudioso's Letter To A Family

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Andrew Gaudioso has to write a postcard every week to a family because he killed their son. The man killed a 2 tour veteran in the war of Iraq named Thomas Towers who was a United States soldier. I don’t find the punishment to be enough because he killed a man that was risking his life for our country. Also, I say the punishment isn’t enough because every week he reminds the family of what he has done and also there is no certainty that he is meaning what he is writing. For example the father doesn’t believe that what he is writing is true. If I were the judge I would have made Andrew have more punishment just so he could feel more pain and guilt for his actions. Turley, who is a critic of the practice which uses shame as a…show more content…
Now, the only problem in this situation with Andrew killing a soldier and sending a letter the family every week is that it’s too small of punishment. Everything in Andrew’s life is the same except him having to write the letter, but writing the letter doesn’t only remind him of the crime he did, it also reminds the family of their lost son. I don’t approve of this punishment as being the only thing Andrew has to do. If he were in jail and also had to write the letter to avoid more jail time it would be different because the punishment is greater. But yet again it comes to the point of him writing something meaningful and something that will make him regret what he has done. I say that the only reason every letter should be meaningful is because he could be writing anything he wants just to avoid further punishment. Part of me agrees with the punishment because no one can tell if he is writing the truth about how he feels except for him. Also, the fact that the family doesn’t say anything about him being punished more makes me believe that they are satisfied with the punishment. If Andrew is being honest about what he is writing then it is a

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