Friendship & Guilt In The Kite Runner Essay

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The Kite Runner Friendship: In The Kite Runner the theme friendship keeps coming back. Especially the friendships between people from different social classes and castes, such as the friendships between Amir and Hassan and Baba and Ali. Both of these friendships come up by two social unequals being pushed together and forced to live with eachother. Amir keeps wondering about his father’s and Ali’s relationship since Baba’s never mentioned Ali as a friend. And when it comes to Hassan, Amir doesn’t think of him as a friend either. When Assef questions Amir’s and Hassan’s friendship Amir admits that they aren’t friends. Afterwards he feels guilty and tries to convince himself that they really are friends and that he really treats Hassan like not only a friend, but a brother. Hassan undoubtedly considers Amir as a friend throughout the whole novel and shows unfailing loyalty that actually bothers Amir. Hassan’s loyalty is really brought out in the alley before Assef assaults him. By refusing to give the kite to Assef just to keep his promise to Amir, he really shows that he values their friendship more than himself. Despite the cowardice and disloyalty that Amir is about to show, Hassan never stops regarding Amir as a friend which is shown by the letter he writes to Amir later on. Guilt: Amir is constantly plagued by guilt and he can’t stop thinking about and being bothered by everything he does. Neither does he know how to get rid of the guilt, until Rahim Khan gives him a way. Amir keeps blaming himself for his mother’s death and he thinks that Baba is mad at him for killing his wife. When Baba is dead, Amir finds out the truth about his father. Now Amir feels that he doesn’t only have his own sins to sort out, but also his father’s. When Amir doesn’t prevent Hassan from getting raped he begins to feel dirty. As he keeps the fact that he

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