Joe Paterno Scandal

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From the 1990’s into the 2000’s Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State University Football Defensive Coordinator, molested children at ages between 8-12. A Grand Jury investigation showed that Joe Paterno was informed about the allegations and Joe informed the Athletic Director, at the time, Tim Curly. Tim Curly told Paterno to not worry about it and he has everything under control. Well in fact, the situation was never brought up again and not reported to the police. Jerry Sandusky is still in court and is expected to get life in prison; he is being tried for 42 counts of child molestation. Joe Paterno never got in trouble with the law for this scandal but he did get fired as head coach of Penn State. Paterno’s legacy as one of the greatest coaches of all time was hit really hard with this. In a lot of people’s eyes, he didn’t do enough to help the children that were molested and I agree with that, but the problem that I do have is that he did do what he was supposed to do by reporting it to the Athletic Director. It’s a shame this happened to a great man like him. All his present and former players knew him as guy that wasn’t all about winning championships on the field but about winning championships off the field with their grades and the character they build with their time at Penn State. He donated money to the school so they could build more academic buildings and help the University grow to the prestigious school it is today. People have to remember that people make mistakes in life, Joe Paterno was human he made a mistake and I believe his legacy should not of been hurt as badly as it did. If I could place a letter on Joe for all the things that had happened to him I would put a C for cheated. Joe Paterno was cheated; he didn’t deserve the punishment he got for the mistakes of two men. He did to many great things in his life to be treated how he was

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