Generals Die in Bed

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The soldiers in GDIB are dehumanised by the impact of war? Discuss. In the Charles Yale Harrisons novel Generals Die in Bed depicts life as a soldier in World War 1. From the very start war had no respect for any life all it would do was draining the life out of them. Through the impact of war turns soldiers into animals this leads to the soldiers dehumanising one another. It brings out the darker side of humanity and shows what we are capable of doing just to survive. Back before and during the war both sides would use Propaganda to fuel rage into their soldier’s heads convincing them that their enemy were evil and should be killed with as much terror and pain they could inflict. This would lead to torturing prisoners for information and even revenge. Even though we see glimpses of empathy and humanity the reader is still engaged in how war changes, dehumanising and desensitizing the soldiers. Generals Die in Bed opens up a world to men that makes them feel small and weak, making them turn into animals. This is what makes them dehumanize each other and the enemy. “Some of us kick at the prostrate body as we pass it. It quivers a little with each kick.”P145 chapter 9. This shows how the enemy is treated even once they are killed. The soldiers probably did this out of rage and a need for revenge. This results in the men dehumanizing one other less proving the point that this novel examples that war changes people. Today we regret the actions that we made in war and so do other countries involved. Most of the time it was all the signs and messages before they had even left. Terrible pictures of propaganda depicting life if the enemy won making everyman feel it would be there fault if they didn’t help. Posters forcing them to join and even more posters dehumanizing the enemy. This happened on both sides and led to an unrelenting hate to each other. This would
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