Did Alexander the Great Deserve His Reputation?

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In my own opinion Alexander does deserve his reputation because he did this mostly by himself. He conquered the entire known world, with the army that he established because he had the resources and the ideals, to be a successful leader. He managed himself in a well manner with all of his soldiers and even though all feared him, all also loved him. It is beyond me to say that Alexander does not deserve what he accomplished. Saying that he does not deserve this is as if almost to say he did not exist. Hitler deserves his reputation without a doubt, even though Hitler’s reputation is a horrible one, why can’t Alexander receive his, much more it is not a negative one, one that killed a mass of people. Now maybe Alexander did kill many people in his time of reign, but most of those kills were because of war. Hitler’s reason was for an evil hatred of the Jewish community. I think that the idea that he does not deserve his reputation is solely for argument, because some people love the feeling of making other people angry. So Alexander made some mistakes and maybe he killed people, just because he had the authority, but no one is perfect and you can’t argue that he does not deserve this title because he made these mistakes. Every human person has made mistakes because no one human has any faults in their history. If you look at other great leaders, they all had a weakness and eventually led to their downfall, but just because they had weaknesses does not mean that they should not be honored for their accomplishments. I think that ‘defaming’ Alexander the Great does not prove the ‘no’ side in any way, because he did many things to help his empire and even though he was the cause of many deaths to the native people of their homelands, he did what he thought was best for his people. The barbarian thinking cannot be placed solely on Alexander’s shoulders. Why would they
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