A Summary Of Alexander Hamilton Scandal

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Thomas DiLandro Mr. Knaus U.S. 1 A.P. 21 December 2011 How did scandal effect Hamilton’s plan to fund the national debt “at par”? (Revised) The American people are extremely prominent in the making of unified country. Without the people the country would not be able to prosper or even consider having a government at all. With the formation of a government, the ways of a centralized government is supposed to be revolved around the importance of the people’s ideas and say in the government. But sometimes these demands and proper goals aren’t initiated by the government thus leading to great anarchy. Alexander Hamilton was able to completely deface the recognition of the human population by sending them in a great scandal. This scandal…show more content…
By having America pay the debt off as a whole, Hamilton thought that it would bring the people and the government together. But Hamilton wanted to use ways that were so impartial to society. Many people were inclined to adore Jefferson because of Hamilton’s malicious deed. Besides this fact, the people were truly being neglected by the power of the government. The government, just like the wealthy and rich, was so power hungry that they disregarded the people’s kind acts and defaced them as if they were animals. The people come first in society. Unlike back then, today is a whole different story. The president of the United States would not try to rip off the American people or disregard them in any way because of the fact that it was completely unconstitutional. The Obama Administration tried its best to benefit the people and help them in ways that were never thought possible. Even though some of the contributions that the administration made were not helpful or were just wrong, the president was able to use the kindness of his heart to truly heat the people day in and day out. No one is able to truly intrigue everyone, but Hamilton’s scandal truly effected most of the population drastically (unless they were one to be the one getting money from the bonds). By victimizing the American people Hamilton’s scandal truly ended up affecting him in the long
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