Rhetorical Analysis Of Coraline

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Sarcastic tone I personally think that an "eye for an eye" punishment is called for. Some people don't agree with it, but I don't really care. Lets see somebody find some concentration camp survivors that wouldn't want anyone that had to do with the camps, including "Mr. Hitler", that wouldn't want them all to die a painful death. 1. This is a sarcastic tone because the words are harsh and bitter. The purpose is state the disagreement. 2. The writer means that he doesn't care about compulsion because the immorality and unhappiness .As you can realize by the word ''Mr.Hitler'', no one likes him but they need to do everything that he ordered. Eye for an eye punishment is also mean in the negative way. Ironic tone In an effort to restrict…show more content…
The writer wants to tell that the city council achieved the exact opposite effect of what it expressly set out to accomplish. Cynical tone I was asked what my opinion was of Tim Burton's new movie 'Coraline".I said it gave me the biggest most jaw breaking yawn I have ever had. This person got a little testy telling me to give it another chance. So I told them that watching it again would defiantly put me in a coma.I have about 1000 movies, probably would have 500 more if people returned what they borrowed or stole, and I have seen maybe double. I think I would know what movies I would like by now. Someone asked me what they thought of their song. I told them that if the guitar was in tune and it ended within 10 seconds, it would be better.I have over 9 gigs of music ranging in genres. I think i might know what kind of music i prefer to listen to. When told by someone that they are under stress, and this stress is rather trivial. I tell them to cry me a river, then jump in it while i play the world's smallest violin, and make the gesture. I can't talk about a cop drama like NCIS or CSI without pretending to put on sunglasses and make a silly joke about how you don't get ice cream in
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