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A Good Man Is Hard To Find When Misfit says: “She would have been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life" he means that it took the grandmother’s very life being threatened for her to have an epiphany and actually embrace her religion’s message of the gospel that God’s grace was for everyone—including Misfit that she had merely claimed to believe up until the very end. In that moment just before her death, she recognizes him as her child and therefore a child of God. She had been a hypocrite up until that point and all of her pleadings for him to pray were for the sake of her own welfare and not concern for his soul. She was trying to manipulate him. She barely even reacted to the obvious murder…show more content…
No pleasure but meanness.” He was an extremist—a black or white thinker. If he had believed that Jesus had raised the dead he would have been good only out of compunction and not from a sincere heart. At one point he had been a Christian but apparently lost his faith. However, he ended up fulfilling his father’s prophecy that he was not good like his siblings were but was instead predisposed to getting into trouble. Perhaps this is why he killed his father. He may have blamed his father for the condemnation. Since he could not know whether or not Jesus raised the dead he chose nihilism. His whole life became one of cruelty. Since his life didn’t matter—neither did anyone else’s. This was a consistent pattern in his life of crime. Another interesting thought is that becoming a murderer was his way of playing God. He usurped God’s role of the power of life and death over

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