Personal Narrative On Suicide

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Yes, this may seem a little off... At the beginning of this year, I lost a dear friend of mine to suicide. Within her story, she struggled for roughly three years with depression, and always trying to make people happy and basically living her life for everyone else, instead of self satisfaction. Taylor, was a wonderful, caring individual that was always there when you needed her: she was the true definition of selfless. Taylor missed almost two weeks of school in our sophomore year of high school, she had told everyone she had mono and so she couldn't come to school for the fear of spreading her illness. The real reason, we soon found out after her passing, of why she wasn't in school was due to the fact that she was in the hospital, in…show more content…
She was a captain on the cheer leading squad, involved with many different activities in the school, and was very smart. But, she was hiding a big secret that just a few short months later, everyone found out about. I'll never forget the chilling words that came onto the announcement during my CP English class that Friday, in January... Walking down the steps, holding the hands of one of my best friends, you could hear the whispers, you could hear people saying things, mainly their assumptions... The announcement was for all of the students and faculty to report to the commons area. There was no details on what we were going down there for... As everyone filled into the room, I was standing there, with a few of my closest friends, and my boyfriend right in front of me. Our principles voice came over the microphone, i squeezed my friend's hand harder, and we soon found out the news. Our principle told us... "Student's, we have experienced a tragedy today. Our very own senior here at the high school, Taylor, was struck this afternoon by the train..." Everything after that was a blur, all I can remember was hearing the crying and outbursts of sadness and mourning come out of everyone. I stood there

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