Fifth Business- Mary's Miracles Essay

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Mary’s Miracle To whom this may concern from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, My name is Dunstan Ramsay, I am 69 years old and over the course of my life I have witnessed a saint in the making. For the past 45 years of my life I have taught history at the Colbourne College in Toronto, Ontario after obtaining a MA in history from the University of Toronto. Originally, I am from Deptford, Ontario and in my home town I had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Mary Dempster. From a young age I had an interest in saints and hagiology. After traveling all over the world from Europe to South America, meeting many religious people and publishing many books on the subject of saints, I hope my belief in Mrs. Mary Dempster being a saint can be taken seriously. I first came to know Mrs. Dempster at the age of ten; she was married to the towns Reverend Amasa Dempster and pregnant with their son Paul Dempster. Through a tragic accident, Mary suffered a head injury resulting her to give birth to Paul prematurely and for her to be diagnosed as ‘simple’ by the town people. Many people keep their distance from Mary because of peculiar habits but on my word, she was nothing but a heartfelt woman who loved life. In spite of everything, Mrs. Dempster in her life span has performed three miracles. The first miracle she performed has been the last that I have discovered; back in Dempster while I was a young teenager it was very common to have traveling tramps live in the forest that surrounded the town. One tramp in particular who today is known as John Surgeoner was saved by Mary. Through his terrible life style Mr. Surgeoner was a victim of abuse through warm companionship Mary rekindled Mr. Surgeoner’s faith in humanity and religion. Today from the compassion Mary showed John he is a religious activist who he himself says Mary ‘saved’ him. The second miracle I

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