An Explanation Of Vonegut's Writing

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Essay I think that this is true to Vonegut himself because in his essay he doesn’t include any sentences that do not speak about the subject. He also includes many types of speech in his writing that helps attract the reader and explain the thesis of his topic more. Vonegut says that most newspaper reporters and technical writers are trained to reveal nothing about them and he is not lying because rarely do you find a reporter or a journalist writing about them. He also says that not all sentences have to be complicated in order to have a deeper meaning and suggests the line “To be or not to be?” quoted from the book Hamlet where the longest word in that quote is only three letters long. Vonegut also explains to us that simplicity is not only reputable but also sacred in ways such as when it is being used in the bible. It is said that all varieties of speech is beautiful no matter what it sounds like. It is also best to make your sentences simple but powerful at the same time in order to convey the true meaning of your essay. Although it is okay to be abstract when writing Vonegut’s teacher told him to be understandable instead of being abstract and he followed his teacher’s…show more content…
Vonegut also brings William Shakespeare and James Joyce into the picture because they are some of the greatest writers of all time and they never resorted to using large words in their books, instead they used short sentences to convey their stories to the reader .In Vonegut’s essay he says that we Americans are allowed to write anything that we want as stated in the constitution and no one is allowed to tell us otherwise and this is true or else Vonegut wouldn’t have been able to write his essay How to Write

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