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From Darkness to Light – The Importance and Benefits of Learning Learning is the most essential thing what one can do in a lifetime. It accompanies us from our birth to our last moment on Earth. Even though we learn many-many things individually, from our might; there are a bunch of well educated people who give us tremendous amount of knowledge. But, at the end when we achieve our goals, our aims we do it only ourselves. No one learns instead of us, no one hints the right decision when we in the situation of choice. And when we come to a decision we are the ones who make it. That’s the proof that from almost nothing you can reach everything that you desire. All we need is enthusiasm, patience and diligence. Through ages there…show more content…
He was a very influential person in the abolition of slaves. Just as Frederic Douglass did, he wrote an autobiography, The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, that discusses the time spent in slavery, how served on vessels and how gained his independence by his own. In his youth he was kidnapped along with his little sister and they were separate from each other. Equiano changed hands a few times before being shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. In Equiano’s narrative he describes how cruel was the treatment of slaves. The narrative conveys the fright and amazement Equiano experienced in his new environment. He also writes about how he got on a ship to Captain Pascal and being his personal servant. During the travelling he developed a strange way of trading and due to this dealing he was able to make money. The first thin he bought from this money was the Bible. He learnt from the book and with the help of Pascal’s sister, he also acquired how to read. From various sources, Equiano was taught how to write as well. Later he was sold on the island of Montserrat. Because of his knowledge and skills he was too valuable for plantation labour. Due to this, fewer traders wanted to purchase him. He was acquired by Captain Thomas Farmer, who traded in the Caribbean. He taught Equiano to read and write more fluently and educated him in…show more content…
As we can see, Equiano became free with the help of self-reliance which is indispensable for those who also want to become free not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. You need this skill because there are occasions in life where you are alone; no one stands behind you and makes the choice instead of you. Christianity is also an important factor in Equiano’s life. As Martin writes in the critical reading ‘God helps those who help themselves’ (Martin, 257). Belief is a clambering for everyone just like for Equiano. As he finally became Christian - because he was told that this is the only way to go to Heaven – he reached his spiritual liberation, his spiritual conversion. Reading the Bible was a good aim for this conversion. And the mixture of knowledge and faith always rewards you with self-fulfillment you are always able to become the desired person who you want to

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