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Milton is difficult for many readers; that's why I have broken it up in to several readings. Carefully consider the questions I listed after each set of readings and really, really think about the essay questions before you choose the two you want to answer. DO NOT "preach" or attempt to convert readers, and DO NOT simply provide some sort of Christian ideology. Focus on the questions and stay on the topic. That has been a main problem in the past (as well as errors in basic writing skills). So, take your time and put in the effort necessary to do your best on the last paper. This is Part 1. Don't try to read and understand all of this in one reading. Print the guides and refer to them as you read and before you write the last paper. :) Milton uses very “flowery” language and references to Greek and Roman literature, gods, and mythology, all of which were very familiar to the intellectual and literate during his time, so no explanations were needed. However, those references are not familiar to modern readers, so there are many, many footnotes to explain the terms or define words. Still, the epic poem is certainly worth reading if…show more content…
For instance, Adam is described as masculine, tall, wise, and godlike with a noble shape; whereas, Eve, according to Milton, is a very beautiful woman with pure innocence. Eve is described more by physical beauty while Adam is described more in terms of his relationship to God. Yes, he is described as a “manly”, handsome man, but it’s his character that’s developed more than Eve’s which reveals the way men of Milton’s time perceived women and the way they were supposed to behave both in private and public. Readers must remember that during Milton’s time it was very much a “man’s world”, and like the poets of earlier times, a woman was often seen as a temptress who could lure men to
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