Allison Rossett's 'Confessions Of An E-Dropout'

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Confessions of an E-Dropout : Analysis V/F Student Success Seminar COUNS 20 Professor Teresa Hall September 2, 2012 In the article “Confessions of an E-Dropout” by Allison Rossett, she goes on to explain her first time experience of taking an online course. Rossett writes a journal from the first day of her class , until the day that she dropped out. I will analyze what went wrong in Rossett’s situation, if she had the characteristics of being a successful online student, along with the different strategies that could have been applied to prevent her from dropping the course. In the article, Rossett’s first mistake was forgetting her class , and already starting a day behind. Starting a class late, can not only show you that you need to work on your time managing, and schedule, but it can also start to warn you that you may not be ready for an online course. Although in this case, Rossett picked up, and successfully completed her first module and was ready for the second module in the class, which is where she began to have continuous problems. Rossett had a problem with distractions, being distracted by phones, company , not communicating with the professor well, traveling , and lastly a cold. In this case, Rossett was not dedicated, self-motivated, self-disciplined , committing a good amount of hours through the week,…show more content…
Not only was she not dedicated to the class, but she From my own personal experience, it can sometimes take a lot to learn online. It takes more dedication, because you have to remind yourself to read, when your assignments are due, and be motivated in learning the material thoroughly, alone. You have to know when to you truly need help, and be comfortable communicating that to your teacher or peers. Rossett however, appears to not have possessed any of these
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