Operation Homecoming Analysis

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Konner November 15, 2011 ANT 102 Operation Homecoming I will say right from the start that war is not something I’m fond of – as I’m sure is the case for many people – but I know it is necessary for this countries survival. There’s no mind like that of a soldier’s mind during war time. I found the different perspectives of war very interesting. The only thing each solder seemed to agree on was how little they were talked about back here in America, and it’s true. I didn’t find it surprising at all to hear that soldiers write about what’s happening or maybe just write about anything at all to keep their sanity. It makes perfect sense to me that they would write and write and write just to make sense of all the activity that is going on in some sort of firefight. These people fighting out there are human after all and need some sort of closure in their minds. Most soldiers would write letter of some sort to escape or express the fear they were enduring. I give these soldiers props for being able to keep sane.…show more content…
Some of these experiences are so traumatic that it’s just impossible to wrap your head around it and make any sense of it. It is no fault in the person, in fact, it’s normal. I know I would never have to see some sort of horrible sight and then be forced to relive it in daydreams or regular dreams. It’s too much for one soul to bear. I’m not saying I will ever truly understand what these brave soldiers do for this country, but I am definitely not one to take any of it for granted. What they don’t show on the news I look up myself or my best friend sends me something new that’s occurred with some article on the internet. My best friend will be going to war one day soon and some of my best friends already are. I wouldn’t know how to live without them and it makes me really think about what has been going on in the Middle East for a long time
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