How Accurate Is It to Say That the Korean War Was a Conflict Without Winners?

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The Korean war is often referred to as the ‘forgotten war’ and due to certain tactics by nations involved, particularly America, the fact that it was a war at all is often brushed under the carpet, with USA referring to their involvement as ‘police action’. War was never officially declared. However, all the loss and damage from this bloody and brutal conflict certainly wasn’t a time of peace. However, the winner of the war is ambiguous and in this essay I plan to evaluate It is fairly accurate to state that the Korean War had no winners. At the end of the conflict, all of the involved countries were technically able to claim some kind of success or benefit. However, no country achieved its original goal, for example, USA still had poor relations with other countries that they wanted to make peace with and communism was still not contained. To make matters worse all countries had significant human, economic, physical, or political damages. The USA claimed minor success by containing communism to an extent, protecting democracy in South Korea, and protecting Japan and its related US interests. Additionally the conflict in Korea allowed the USA to demonstrate its military capabilities to the world, as Kennedy said, he wanted to prove America’s credibility and Vietnam was the perfect place to illustrate this and, in the bigger picture, help to increase UN credibility. However, despite US concession to accept containment as an accomplishment, North Korea remaining communist can be seen as an American failure. In 1950, the US made the decision to invade North Korea. This switch to rollback policy shows that their goals were higher than just containment. They were defeated by Chinese ‘dragon’ attacks, which in December 1950 caused the most humiliating retreat in US history, totalling 300 miles. Additionally, the number of American casualties far outweighs their minimal

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