How Important Was the Role of Lenin Compared to the Failures of the Provisional Government in Bringing About the October Revolution?

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How important was the role of Lenin compared to the failures of the Provisional Government in bringing about the October revolution? After the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II in 1917, the Provisional Government (PG) took control of Petrograd, and led the country how they thought it should be led. Their main policy was to maintain Russia in fighting in the war; this was not a favoured idea with the PG followers. Although, they promised to stop the food shortage and to give peasants land which was what everyone wanted. This was one of the main reasons why they gained many followers during the period of the Tsars abdication. Initially the public did think the PG would succeed in helping Russia redevelop from the deterioration of the country that the Tsar was responsible for, however it soon began to show different. They failed to provide food for the country, which is shown through the source of John Reed, an American journalist living in Petrograd in 1917. “Week by week food became scarce.” This will most likely be a reliable source as he is not involved with the Russian politics and government. He merely states what he has seen. Soldiers on the frontline soon began coming home as they wanted to become landowners. This was because when the Tsar was in power, he took land away from peasants so it could be used for things other than the growth of food for people who were in desperate need of it. Consequently, the Russian army were now struggling in maintaining to put up a strong fight in the war. The morale on the frontline was low and all soldiers had lost determination after hearing Kerensky had made the sudden decision of keeping Russia fighting in the war, for no other reason than to keep in alliance with other countries, this is identified through source 31, a Provisional Government minister explaining why Russia should stay in the war “The PG should do nothing
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