The November Revolution 1917 G.C.S.E Sources

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The November Revolution 1917 G.C.S.E Sources 1. The three points made by Lenin in April 1917 were attractive to many Russian people because the first point was that, the people wanted the war to end, as clearly Russia was losing, there was plenty of shortages, also shortages of land, and all of the disadvantages were already proven by the March Revolution so, the people and the government knew what was going to happen, so they should have ended it early. The second point was that, the land should be given to the peasants; the people were attracted to this point because, the main population of Russia was the peasants, the peasants were demanding for land in the March revolution, but they weren’t heard. As a result of this, the Peasants were grabbing land because the government didn’t give them the land they requested. The third was that the soviets should take power; the people were attracted to this point because, Lenin was a member of the soviet party, the Russian people were attracted to the soviets as they liked the points they made and also the Soviets were already popular so this means that the people were already supporting the Soviets. 2. After studying Sources B and C, they agree on the reasons for the failure of the Provisional Government in Russia between March and November 1917 because in the text we read that, people in Russia received a massive shock, but also some didn’t, the events of February/March just happened, it wasn’t planned at all. Also bread riots caused the revolution. Also we can see that the Source was written by a historian in 1991, so it may not be biased and produced just to inform. The source is a secondary source and that also means that it may not be biased. 3. The photograph in Source D is both useful and not useful to an historian studying the reasons for, and success of, the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in November
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