Goals: Joining The United States Coast Guard

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My three main goals What are your life’s goals? People have been asking me these questions for years ever since kindergarten. In kindergarten we had goals they just weren’t realistic. Like, when I was in kindergarten I wanted to be a dinosaur. Yes, I’ll say that again “a dinosaur”. A realistic goal would be a fire man, or a doctor maybe even a police officer. But I wanted to be a freaking dinosaur. My friends, even though they were in kindergarten too, kept on saying “dude you can’t be a freaking dinosaur you’re a boy, its impossible”. Fortunately as we grow and change so do our goals, as did mine. Unfortunately I can’t make up mind as to which of these goals I really want to achieve in life. But I narrowed them down to three and these goals all revolve around one: joining the USCG (United States Coast Guard). The basic reason of wanting to join and the things that I would have to do in order to join the Coast Guard include. Joining the USCG has many benefits that will basically benefit me in the future. But unfortunately there is a road block in the path way to obtaining my goal and that road block is called a GED. The military does not accept anyone with a GED, if you do not…show more content…
I am joining so that I may move out and wreak the benefits of the GI bill. The military will give me money to go to college and buy an apartment. Which brings us back to college, every thing I do in life revolves around college. My father was right, the better the education I have the better job I can get in the future. I can’t get a good high paying job that supports my future family and I with just a GED. I can’t even get into the military with just a GED. The GED was my fault, because I didn’t pay attention in school and because of that I had to drop out. It took me forever to get my GED and thank god I got my GED, because if I didn’t it would have been a bigger problem for me to obtain any kind of job with out

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