American Immigration In The Late 19th Century

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Immigration In America In the late 19th century and early 20th century, millions of immigrants entered into the United States of America. Many of these immigrants came to America because they face persecution in their homelands. The immigrants were promised a new land of prosperity, riches, and freedom from persecution. But when many arrived they found out that this was not true and many of them still faced persecution and struggled to make enough money to live and eat well. Many of the immigrants had their own personal reasons to move to America, but there were some major push and pull factors that brought them here. One of the biggest push factors for them would be persecution. Persecution was a major problem especially for the People in Russia. In the movie An American Tale Fievel and his family had to leave Russian because they were sick and tiered of being tormented and having their things destroyed. The Jews were killed and bullied to the point where people had to leave their own country to seek safety and hopes of not being persecuted. There were also many pull factors to bring immigrants to America as well. Two of the pull factors that brought immigrants to America was that America had a booming economy and many wanted their shot at striking it rich. Another great pull factor would be that of freedom…show more content…
During this time of mass immigration millions of people came to America for a better life. These immigrants had been persecuted in their homes and wanted a new start where they wouldn’t be persecuted anymore. Immigrants heard about these amazing things going on in America and decided to make the long grueling journey overseas to start anew. When the immigrants finally arrived in America some of them realized that those stories might have been exaggerated a little bit, because life in America during that time wasn’t a easy one but it wasn’t a bad one

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