Benefits Of The DREAM Act

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Many illegal immigrants leave their country in hope to find something better in America, they want a better education and lifestyle. Immigrants believe America can change their lives. There are so many opinions, debates, and approaches about illegal immigrants that live in the United States of America. However despite of all of it, illegal immigrants have been generally discriminated against and somehow put aside in our society, put aside in our society as outcasts. In order to fight for their rights, illegal students who were brought to the U.S by their parents have been trying to change their illegal status and became part of this nation. A list of requirements, the DREAM act is a proposal that may legalize illegal immigrants. As they support…show more content…
economy, it allows immigrants not to be deported, and there will be less repression suffered by illegal…show more content…
The DREAM act was introduced back in 2001 by Senators Dick Durbin and Orin Hatch. The DREAM act proposes a legal status to illegal students that have lived in the U.S most of their lives to truly be part of this nation. It would also promote equality, and opportunities if the requirements are met. One of the requirement is a person must graduated from high school or obtain a GED. This DREAM act opens opportunities and new doors for immigrants. They have a chance to be accepted. A chance for higher education, careers and to live in the United States legally. The biggest concern is that there is a lot of immigrants who can be smart, creative and hard working students. They have not been given the chances to show what they are capable of doing and their full potential because they are illegal and undocumented. Just because they are not born here and are not citizens of this country, they get excluded and discriminated against. The DREAM act will help immigrants with an opportunity at a life, equality, education, and careers. The will get to have a chance to do what they want, and make a living in America. Who is to judge and take their dreams away? Everyone deserves an opportunity and a chance. The DREAM act can make it possible for the immigrants who want that chance. The legal status in the United States can open a lot of opportunities and doors for

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