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My argument is that the United States government should not put as much time and effort into stopping illegal immigration. The current system wastes a lot of time and money trying to prevent illegal immigration and trying to deport every illegal immigrant that they find. Illegal immigration is when someone who is not a US citizen comes to the United States to live without having the proper papers and going through the process of becoming a citizen. Many Americans believe that they are losing jobs to these illegal immigrants and that illegal immigration should be stopped. The issue with that is that there is currently no way to stop all of the illegal immigrants from making their way into the United States. This causes the government to…show more content…
No presidents seem to want to face it because it is such a large issue with few solutions. It is always pushed to the last thing on the president’s agenda because it could be a topic that makes them lose many votes in their attempt to have two terms as president. Recently Arizona made an attempt to solve their problems with illegal immigration and they were not supported by many of their citizens or by the Supreme Court. The reason people are interested in this is because it affects their daily lives. With unemployment at one of its highest peaks in history, Americans are worried they may be losing possible jobs to illegal immigrants. Also, the immigrants themselves are interested in the issue because they want to know what is going to happen to them. For the ones currently residing in America they want to know if they will be given the opportunity to become citizens or if they will be deported. For the immigrants currently living in their home countries, they want to know what they will face if they come to America and if it is still worth it to them. There are many constraints to consider: politicians that are stuck in their ways and are not willing to do what is best for the country, the American people who don’t want immigration because they won’t part with their beliefs and that are losing jobs to immigration, and the immigrants who have no other choice besides coming to America because they need to provide for their family and there are no jobs where they are from or it is just too dangerous to keep living

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