Why did Roosevelt win the election?

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Why did Roosevelt win the election? One of the reasons why he was elected President in1932 was that, people blamed Hoover for their sufferings because there was allot of unemployment. Banks started going bankrupt and people lost all their savings. People became poor so they could not afford to live in mansions or big houses any more, they lived in Hoovervilles. People lived in Hoovervilles named after Hoover because they blame Hoover for living in these conditions and it is his fault for everything which had happened to them. So therefore people wanted Roosevelt as president. The second and third reason why Roosevelt won the election was because of the Republican policies and actions. They thought that it was the economic problems of Europe that caused the Depression, and they also thought that they should leave businesses alone. Republican policies blamed Europes economic problems and not the USA for the Depression because Europe would not import any of their goods, since they could not afford to. Also, they thought that they should leave business alone to bring back prosperity but that made things even worse, by leaving things alone because it was getting worse, it looked like Hoover didn’t care of what was happening and didn’t want to help. Also, Republicans thought and feared that if the government helped people, they would become less self-governing and less willing to work. The last reason on why Roosevelt won the election, was Roosevelt’s election campaign. He went on a big tour around the USA in the weeks before the election. He made people change their views and attitudes on Hoover and the Republicans. People wanted change, so in a 20,800 km campaign he gave 16 major speeches and another 60 from the back of his train. He promised people a ‘New Deal’ because to make people know that their lives were going to get better and his policies of helping the
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