French and Indian War Dbq 2004 Ap Exam

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The French and Indian War was fought by the British and the French. This war caused many issues between the American colonies and Britian because of the things the British were doing to the Americans during the war. Economically, the British were doing things ideologically, and politically, as well. After the war, the British were trying to find a way to get back all the money they spent on the war. The English did not have much money aand it did not help the British much. (DOC F) The British are trying to get more money to support their military and its increase in territory and populatoin. (DOC F) The British are the saying the amount of revenue they're getting is too little. (DOC F) Although, in my opinion, the British should not expect the Americans to pay anything because the war had nothing to do with Americans. Ideologically, Britian and the Americans had different views on everything. From their government to their religion. King James liked to think he ran the English churches which the English did not like. There were little things like economical views that were causing the American colonies to separate from the British. John Hughes and Benjamin Franklin came up with the Stamp Act which many people did not like. (DOC G) John Hughes was beggining to run the government down into nothing. Which would cause more taxes for the Americans and whatnot. The Americans would really begin to not like John Hughes and want to separate from Britian even more. So these were some of the reasons tt the American colones separated from the British. They were far too different to stay together. Their views on everything were different and they weren't compatable. There was no way to keep the British and the Americans
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