The Influence Of Franklin's Attitude Toward America

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CD Docs The opinion towards England changed from America admiring them and following them blindly to genuinely not caring. They were very angry with the war and not being reimbursed and the taxes. Franklin says that England will have to use weapons and military force in order to get America to start paying taxes. Their attitude says that they would rather wear ratty, old clothes until they can learn how to make their own rather than pay extra taxes on clothes made in England. Dickenson wrote everything as “a farmer” so people could see he was normal, just like them. He wasn’t in a high social class, but he still paid taxes. It just went to further proves the points he made in the letter. I believe when he says “Small things grow great by concord” he is referring to much more than the stamp act. I believe he is referring to everything in life.…show more content…
The fact that the new laws were passing allowing taxes to occur was frightening to Dickenson. He believes that they should do whatever it takes for America to pay the taxes. He thinks it is wrong that they are getting away with not paying. He believes sitting back and not doing anything is counter productive to the cause. Dickenson and Franklin are on opposite sides. Franklin, supporting America and Dickenson, supporting Britain. Franklin believes the taxes are wrong and there is no reason for America to start paying them. He believes America can live without the support of Britain after a while. Dickinson believes that America should be forced to pay the tax. He is angry they’ve gotten away with it for as long as they have. He wants them to pay and he wants them to continue following Britain rule. The two men are complete opposites on their views and
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