Should There Be Illegal Immigration Essay

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Some people find immigration to be one of the most important and controversial issue in America. With over 11 million people estimated to be living in the United States illegally, who come here from Mexico and other South America countries for a better life and for a chance to live the American dream. They want to provide a better life style for them and most important their family. Immigrants want to give a better education for their kids, they come here looking for a good job and a good salary to be able to support their family, and also send a monthly amount to their family in mexico. The only place were they have a chance to succeed is here in the United States of America this is the country that gives them that…show more content…
Illegal aliens shouldn’t be rewarded with legal status and other benefits. Most Americans don’t want immigrants in their country because they take the jobs away form them. American citizens have different Pros and Cons about immigration topic like Amnesty, Deportation, Mexican Border Fence, Driver Licenses for illegal aliens. Most all of the states don’t allow immigrants to get a drivers license with the right paper work. This does not keep illegal aliens from driving, even though they work low salaries, can’t afford an insurance and they often have trouble the road signs in english. I think that a solution for this giving the immigrants a permission to work legally in this country. They just want to work and they are not hurting anyone by doing this. Immigrants who have being living here for more then 10 years, have had their kid born or raised here do deserve a citizenship. Practically their kids have been raise here with the same culture as any american kid they speak the same language and have the same education. They have the same rights as any other american kid and should

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