Illegal Immigrants: A Major Problem In The United States

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There are many things that need to be fixed about America, many of those is Illegal immigrants, welfare, obesity. These are the major problems of the United States that I see in my eyes. Illegal immigrants are the most important ones for me. I think people from all around the country should be able to come into America and live here as long as there working and that there should not be any kind of boarders or boundaries for those people who want to come and make a better future out of them. For example there has been alot of people coming from Mexico, Cuba, France, and Canada because they want to come into the United States either for its freedom or better opportunity and sometimes even because of a better life style. Welfare fraud allows people to get it who does not need it or deserve it. You have illegals that get it and have not even paid into the system and that weakens it even more. There are people who need it and can not get it which some people make $1 or 2 too much to get any help but still they do not make enough to even pay bills. Those that do get it just barely get anything at all. I know…show more content…
Obesity can cause certain diseases. Some of these diseases are Diabetes Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Sleep Apnea, Osteoarthritis. People with Obesity also have a higher risk of death along with these diseases. Obesity also can increase emotional and physical problems. People can tease the obese making them feel unwanted and emotionally upset. They also can be different in physical ways. It is more difficult for them in sports and other daily physical activities. This is what obesity causes and, why it should be fixed in America. In conclusion, if Illegal immigrants, Welfare fraud, and Obesity were fixed in the United States of America it would make it a wonderful place for everyone to live in, because those are some major problems that America is facing at this
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