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Amelia Mary Earhart was born at 11:30 pm on July 24, 1897. She was born as a healthy baby weighing 9 pounds. Amelia was born in her grandparents’ home and spent much of her childhood there. Their home was located in Atchison, Kanas. Amelia’s first word was “Papa” because she spent so much of her time with him. Amelia had a sister, Muriel, and a brother, Otis. When Muriel was born, Amelia had to go lived with her grandparents. This is why she spent so much time there. She had to leave because her mother, Amy Earhart, was under too much pressure and was working hard for the money she earned. But unfortunately, she could not afford to house two children at the time. Amy thought that Amelia could liven up her grandmother because there had been a loss. After Edwin Otis had found a new job in Iowa, he took his kids to the Iowa state fair. This is where she saw her first airplane, although it really didn’t make an impression on her. In the book Amelia Earhart, we learn that she had said “it was just a thing of rusty wire and wood and not at all interesting.” (Stone, 2007). Her father never could keep a job so the family moved from place to place. As a result, Amelia grew skilled at adapting to new situations in her teen years. Later in her life, she had taken a great interest in flying and airplanes. Amelia’s flying career started in Los Angeles in 1921 when she was 24. She began taking flying lessons from Neta Snook and bought her first airplane- a Kinner Airstar. With her family problems growing, she had to sell it in 1924, move back east, and take employment as a social worker. But four years later, she returned to aviation. She was the 16th woman to receive a pilot’s license. Next she bought an Avro Avian airplane and became the first woman, second person, to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. From then on her mind was set on aviation. She spent much of her time

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