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Zora Neale Hurston Zora was born January 7, 1891 in Notasulga, Alabama. Even though she was born in Alabama her parents decided to move the family down to Eatonville, Florida when Zora was still a toddler. When you read her books known of them relate back to Alabama because Florida has always been considered home to her, she called it utopia. Her parents must have wanted a big family because they had eight children. Could you image growing up with seven siblings like Zora did? It’s a good thing that their home contained eight rooms and was on five acres for all the children to run around and play on. So you could say she had the happiest childhood she could with a huge family like that. With such a big family you need some one with authority…show more content…
Zora’s mother and other women even had an influence by directing the Christian curricula at their Sunday schools. Growing up Zora saw that see could do great things even though her skin was a different color and was encouraged by her parents in more ways then they will know to her. You can see that being an inspiration to others comes naturally to…show more content…
After her mother’s death, Zora’s father wasted no time in finding another woman to call his wife. When he did remarry he did not have very much time and money for his children anymore. So Zora worked very much after her mother’s death and this caused her to forget about high school. So Zora did not finish how school on time and graduate with her friends like others. After a few years of traveling as a maid to a singer she decided to go back to school though and finish, but she was 26 by now. So she came up with the idea to take ten years off of her life and becoming a teenager again. When she took those ten years off that put her back at sixteen again and she never gained the years she took back. Zora had to always present herself ten years younger so people would believe her and would not get caught. People said she had the looks and skin to be one and if they did not know her would think she was an actual teenager, which is a good thing. Her sense of humor helped her gain many memorable friends, such as poets and popular singers during school. When they had parties, if “...Zora was there, she was the party. (Boyd)” one of her friends had said and Zora rarely drank which is always a plus. Even though these parties went on, Zora was not distracted from her work, sometimes she would be in her bedroom working away while the party was out in the living room, literally the

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