Summary: How Women Impacted WWII

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How Women Impacted WWII-Vishnu Patel Many have said that Canadian women’s contribution in WWII did lead to an allied victory. Women played a huge role and were very important in WWII. Canadian Women took part in WWII by joining the armed forces or they stayed home to raise families, crops for food and to fill the jobs that the men have left. Women weren’t allowed fighting in battle but they did many other things as well in war. After the war many women continued their career in the military force. Women that stayed at home kept working because they loved their jobs so much. During the war, women played a significant role with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). The RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) and the Canadian Women's Army Corp (CWACs)…show more content…
Some women “felt they were needed at home to raise families, crops for food and to fill the jobs that the men had vacated in order to serve their country.”(Suite101) Women’s lives on the home front during World War II were a significant part of the war effort for all participants and had a major impact on the outcome of the war. Once the men went off to war and left their jobs, the women that were single had a great advantage because job opportunities were everywhere. In the other hand married women had a tough time, especially if they had children. Hundreds of women worked in machine shops, welding shops, manufacturing plants, and also worked in war industries to make equipment for the war. New industries, naval, and army bases were being built during the home front. Women played a huge role in this because if they didn’t stay home and take over for the men, they wouldn’t have the money to raise their families. “Only one in nine of the 45,000 women who signed up were selected for duty overseas” (Suite101) so a large percentage of women stayed back home. The National Selective Service controlled the women and men. They would only make the decisions for them “who could join up and who could not, where they could work, and when they could change jobs.” (Thecanadianencyclopedia) It was a tough life, but it was the only way to support their husbands when their off to war. Women working back home was great-replacing the men’s jobs, working for war industries, and raising their family. Even if the women didn’t sign up for the military, they worked hard in the Home front and tried to give us the best support we ever needed. Women worked really hard and made a great contribution in WWII that lead to an allied

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