Women During Ww1

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During the occurence of numerous events, in particular WW1, the privilages of wowen were altered drstically during and following the war. Prior to WW1 women typically played the position of the homemaker; women were rather foucused on their beauty rather than their ability to perform. Their status was directed at maintaining the annual duties of the family and children, consisting of cleaning and caring for the house. As men left for service, logically the voyge was filled by a percentasge of women; which resulted in the percentage of women of women employ increasing. There was an sudded influxo f women to take on each untradational occupation. During 1917 an 1918 there was a vast number of demands for female stenographers, telegraphers and phone operaters. One news paper wrote that women were more apt than men at telegraphing. Organizations such as the Red Cross, Patriotic League and YMCA also made efforts in supporting wartime hardships that the nation might face. Women in the red cross were heplful in recruiting men who had not joined the war. Volunteering boght women out of the house and into the public. Particulary in Europe or North America, women emerged as a signifigant group in society.b Women gaine the right to vote, which was the begining of he breakdown from women's subordinate role in a patriaatrical society, to a more equal role. Women Also took non traditional jobs during the war. Prior to the war it was unusual for a woman to enroll in advanced courses, due to their distinctive role in the household. Lobor unions fough against the the hiring of women in factories. Women were paid half the wages of men; and worked in conditions that were dangerous and unhealthy. Existing unions were often hostile toward towards females. Young women and girls also worked as nurses during the war. Young women volunteered to join the Voluntory Aid Attachment came
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