How Have Women's Rights Changed Since 1945

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1) How have women right changed since 1945 from house wife mother to career women from having unequal pay to equal pay from having limited education to getting increased access as well as being a follower to becoming a leader. 2) This all started to occur when women demonstrated that they were capable of filling the jobs left by men who were apart of the 2nd world war. But following the arrivals of the soldiers women were expected to return to their traditional rule as house 3) Wife but after the experience of fulfilling a mans occupation they all objected the so called obligation. To prove this many feminist begun the establishment of committees to lobby government in order to gain the privilege of taking up 4) Any occupation…show more content…
Also in 1972 the women electoral lobby was established by Beatrice Faost in addition to 10 women to…show more content…
Thanks to not only these two influential and powerful women, but many more , women gained the confidence to stand up in what they 7) Believed they should earn in regards to the positions the aquire and their wages and basic right for maternity leave. for instance : Nurses went on strike over their low pay and poor working conditions, How 8) Ever through strike action nurses’ mad big gains with 75 % pay increase and 100% rise for matrons. This also included equal pay was being gained in most industries including those in which most workers were women. also to advise women 9) On their rights as workers, the working women’s centre with union and federal government backing was established in 1973. Due to this women made up 21 % of the work force and women wages was increases to 75% of 10) Male rate. Women promoted their liberation through marches and conferences they pressured government to change existing laws and new legislation that would make it illegal

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