1945-V-E Day: Attitudes Towards Women In America

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Christie Peterson Professor Johnson History 2020 April 12, 2012 May 8, 1945- V-E Day People flooded the streets in America putting out flags and banners, rejoicing in the surrender of the German armies. Howeever while some people gathered in wild crowds, others responded with quiet thanksgiving that the war in Europe was won but realized a bitter struggle was still ahead in the Pacific. Still America merged from world war II as a political and economic powerhouse. Though America would enter a mild recession of about eight months after V-E Day there was still evidence of prosperity. On may 8th 1945 according to the new york times, department sales in new york in Brooklyn increased as well as wholesale grocery sales. May 8th 1945 shows signs…show more content…
When women started working male jobs such as a factory worker the men looked down upon the women as not being fit for the job. At this time all women in America faced the issues of society thinking women were too fragile or not strong enough. Men were suspicious of women and factories saw the needs for women secondary to that of the men. Not only that but also women were left out of the important decision making process of companies becaue womens intellectual ability was seen as inferior to the mens. Women started working traditional male jobs yes because it helped with the war effort but women had something to prove. Men thought that the way they did because it was how they grew up. However women were well on their way to changing that thought. Women were giving it their all in helping with the war…show more content…
It was truly amazing to see all the ads like bloomingdales macys and saks fifth avenue produce ads that were about nothing but the soldiers and urging americans to continue to give ad support. Not one department store ad in the entire paper advertsed saes for their own products even though there are rough times ahead there was some proof of growth such as hotel rooms were on the rise as well as wholesale groceries. By reading the paper I could definitely see that little by little the economy was trying to build back up. Womens roles in the us changed as well. There as evidence in the help wanted section of the paper that showe many were open to hiring women like had never been done before. Of course not everybody was open to the change. Men had different ideas of what women should be doing. It was a big issue then but women needed to work to support famililes and contribute to the war effort. All in all may 8 1945 was a bittersweet time for americans. Many rejoiced about the german armies surrendering unconditionally at the same time there was a rough battle ahead and we had already lost so many soldiers. Some gathered in streets to celebrate v-e day while others gatherd quietly in churches. While the reactions of people differed there was one common thing among everybody and that was togetherness. If I had to sum up in one word

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