Essay On The Effects Of The Civil War On Women

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Earlier near the time of the Civil War, there was another pushing issue that wasn’t as important as slavery. Women everyday are struggling to achieve equality among men as such as though the men aren’t too happy about this. When the Civil War was declared, women were given the opportunity to show the men what they’re made of. I believe that the Civil War affected to both side of it helping or hindering women’s status. The first idea to talk about is how the Civil War happened to help the women’s status upon society. When Civil War had taken place, all the men in the households were gone and thus left the women to take control. As women were left home alone with the children, they felt kind of useless due to the fact there is a war going and they thought there was nothing they could do to help. Those women who did try and help on the battlefield were primarily used as nurses. At first, female nurses weren’t used at first since they use male nurses rather than female nurses, who were in fact much cleaner than the males. Women were often trying to join the army and show that women too can fight, by disguising themselves as men and fighting. They also served as…show more content…
Though at first women were getting ready to show their stuff when the war was declared. Their moment of glory did not last too long. Many of whom were hired, such as by the government. But as soon the war ended, and just like that, the women were fired from their respective jobs as they were easily handed back to those who were working before them. In contrast, the women of the North were slightly getting some gain on their status as opposed to the South as they did not even try to alter their said economical and political roles. The reason for this to occur was that the dispute of class and race. Those two ideas were basically the obstacle that prevented the southern women from gaining any

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