Why Did Women Win The Vote

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“Why did women win the vote?” Woman’s roles and statues were affected by Victorians view of women. They thought that women weren’t capable to do much and were constricted to very little. They had very little choice of what they wanted to do like choosing who they wanted to marry, what they wanted to do with the things (like money) they inherited and they couldn’t do much either like getting a full education, get equal pay, own property and couldn’t sue her husband as he owned her. Women’s roles were affected by Victorian views of women as their role was to look after the children, the family, and the home. Women were viewed as men’s property so they had to do whatever the husband wanted them to do. Also they did the entire domestic work and look after the children. These views affected their lives as they couldn’t do many things like sue their husband for adultery, for beating them and if they tried to run away they’d be captured by the police and bought back to the husband. The women had to look after children and the domestic work which people then thought that this was all they were good for so they didn’t give them a good education or a well paying job. Finally the men didn’t think much of women for doing things that they could. Most men married women for their inheritance, childbirth, appearance, housekeeping and were expected to be married by their families. I think the suffragists campaigns were important but not as important as what happened during WW1. Source one shows Joyce’s opinion so it’s not a solid fact so it might not be reliable as she could be bias to the suffragists. But I believe that the suffragists did help women win the vote by showing they can do it in a calm and peaceful way. It showed that women could be mature and persuasive without getting hurt. But unfortunately these ways could be easily ignored by throwing the letters they wrote in
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