Unique Tradition of Ancient China; Foot binding and Its Meaning

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There are many things that describe or represent countries in most unique way of their own. Mostly, a tradition which descended for a long time gives countries different life styles and uniqueness of their people. Some of those traditions were interested by other countries and overwhelmingly became popular overseas. Foot binding of ancient China is one of the most unique traditions that can be found around the globe. It lasted over thousand years from Tang Dynasty era, which shows significance of its practice. Although it has disappeared from anti-foot binding campaigns and many health concerns, it gave somewhat clear scene and ideas of culture in China at that time. The foot binding became popular fashion trend in Tang Dynasty when princess with small feet smoothly and very carefully walked around with its modesty and beauty. Once originated as a fashion trend, it firmly became a tradition which women in China must go through. There are several purposes of this painful process. Women at that time had expectation of their behaviors to be very careful, family-devoted, and dependent upon their husbands, which is to be obedient to men. So by foot binding, it restricted women from social life and made them rely on their family and husband. It sort of shows a discrimination that took place against women at that time, which shows very little permission for women to do anything. Another purpose for foot binding is to acquire beauty. In ancient China¡¯s concept, women were more attractive and sexual when they have smaller feet, which was a strong seduction for men. Acquiring this beauty leads to many things, such as indirect power for women and moving up to higher class level from poor family. This is clearly shown from the book, ¡°The Three-Inch Golden Lotus,¡± where Fragrant Lotus was born in poor family in small town, but because of her beautiful small feet, she was

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