Women in the Military

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Women in the Military Women have served in the military since the Revolutionary War. Women were usually serving as nurses, performing tasks such as cooking, taking care of the wounded, or just simply mending their uniforms. There were some women though who snuck into the combative lines dressed as men. Even still, women were intent on being involved in the fight and felt a need to serve even though they didn’t have a lot of options open to them (Sheppard 1). But that was soon changed when the establishment of the Army and Navy Nurse Corps in the early 1900s opened doors for women to officially serve in the military, though they were only aloud the job as a nurse, nothing more (ibid). During this time the Army had the idea of expanding women’s roles beyond the medical field (ibid). As a result, women have played an increasing role in the military, and each American war brought new challenges, opportunities, and expanded roles for women (Sheppard 2). Which shows that women have continuously been limited in the military positions they have been allowed to serve in (Sheppard 2). And over the years there have laws passed and regulations written, all to prevent women from serving their country as equals to the men; just to keep women out of combat (Sheppard 2). Both political parties agree and encourage the advancement of women in the military, but one party draws the line when it comes to front line combat (Hodge). On August 27 of this year the Republican platform, also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP) says, “We support the advancement of women in the military, which has not only opened doors of opportunity for individuals but has also made possibly the devoted, often heroic, services of additional members of every branch of the Armed Forces. We support military women’s exemption from direct ground combat units and infantry battalions”(Redden). The reason this is

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