Revolutionary Women Essay

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Revolutionary Women 1. How did the revolutionary cause affect colonial women? How did it change – if at all – what women said or how they behaved in light of the cause? The revolutionary cause affected colonial women in a number of ways. Women learned the ways of men (doing business and taking care of finances) while the men were away at war. Because of this they desired more equal marriages and wanted a say in decisions. They also wanted to marry for love instead of economics. Men finally began teaching women in schools which eventually led to women teaching other women. Abigail Adams reminded her husband to not forget the women in the constitution which is significant because it was the beginning of women’s rights. Women also became more involved and interested in politics, to the distaste of most men. Many women followed their soldiers while at war and took care of the men. There were some women who acted in radical ways (ex. the New York City fire, riots, and letters), which hadn’t previously been so. Another big thing is that Women were seen as Republican mothers who were supposed to teach their men how to be good republicans. 2. Describe how the Great Awakening affected both white and black women. Women were able to become not only a part of the church, but leaders in the church. Women were taught in seminaries and educated almost to that of a man. White women formed a lot of groups and clubs. Black women could buy freedoms and go to black churches and schools. 3. Explain the concept of Republican Motherhood. Republican Motherhood was a way for women to be involved in politics by teaching their children to be good republicans, “rationally and carefully”. It was a woman’s duty in the new world. This led to a desire for education because women said it would help them teach their kids to be better republicans. 4. What
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