Second Presidential Debate Essay

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The Second Presidential Debate Women; Work In the second presidential debate between Obama and Romney, they were questioned about several topics including women; work. Each of them gave their own point of view and ideas of how to help the women in the future, by using Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Obama and Romney had a great use of Ethos, Pathos and Logos, by wanting to help women sharing life experience and giving facts about their statement. Obama and Romney had a good point by agreeing to help women in finding a good job with a flexible schedule. Obama explained how he wanted to make sure that young women are going to be able to compete in the market place. Meanwhile, Romney wants not only men but women to be qualified for his cabinet. This shows how Obama and Romney want to make an impact in women’s lives by giving them more opportunities and help them out. Obama and Romney also shared life experiences during the debate by using Pathos. For example, Obama mentioned how he was race by a single mom and how her grandmother trained people who would end up becoming her…show more content…
Obama mention how he sighed the Lily Led better Bill, which purpose was to give a big impact on women's future. As mention by Romney, he stated that in the last 4 years women have lost 580,000 jobs and how he wants to help women. Their plan now is, hoping Lily Led better would help in someway and make a decrease on women unemployment. In my belief Obama and Romney had a good point by wanting to help women in finding a good job in which they can adapt. But in this case, for me it seem Obama won the debate. He wants to go beyond helping women, and have us stable with a job. Meanwhile, Romney talked about how woman's have lost jobs over the four years, but his not giving certain point of what should be done. Not as Obama with the Lily Led better Bill. In another words Obama was more clear with his thought than
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