"To Sleep Under the Stars”

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In “To Sleep under the Stars,” by Carol Shaw Graham, Cecilia is unable to attend her class fieldtrip to the planetarium, but she learns how important family is. First, Cecilia knows that she cannot go to the first fieldtrip for 7th grade because her uncle and aunt need a break for taking care of her grandmother, so they drive over to grandma’s house. Then, when Cecilia arrives to grandma’s house, her grandma makes Cecilia felt better. Later, her grand takes her into a room. Then, her grandmother talks with her, they laugh and cry. After a while, her grandmother takes out a quilt for Cecilia, Cecilia learns a very important lesson. Finally, Cecilia understands that sometime we need to put family at first. In the story, there are many commonalities. First, both Cecilia and her grandmother felt disappointment for their lives. Cecilia couldn’t go to the trip to planetarium. Grandma has missed 1 year of high school when she lived in a desert. Also, everyone needs to sacrifice for their own family, such as father giving up only three weekends after Christmas. They need to go to grandma’s house to take care of grandma for long time, so they need to have a break, At last, Cecilia’s dream realized. First, Cecilia still wants to sleep under the stars, but her mom won’t let her because outside is too cold. Later, Grandma Gives Cecilia a special quilt. The quilt is made of blush black fabrics and specking shows and pearly moon. Now, she is able to sleep under the stars and stay warm. In conclusion, family time and memories together are really the most important things in
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