Pieces Of April Character Analysis

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Getting To Know Yourself Hui Jung Chen Each individual has his or her role to play on. For a woman, it could be a wife, a mother, a co-worker, a student, a girlfriend or a daughter. Each role varies when she encounters different kinds of people or environment. The film “Pieces of April” directed by Peter Hedges and was released in 2003 has consisted components that make up one’s identity in a young female character whose name is April. Being the eldest daughter of her family and a girlfriend of Bobby and getting along with different ethnical groups of people are the elements that make up the identity of April. April is the eldest daughter of Jim and Joy…show more content…
There is no enjoyable memories that her mother could think of after Beth points out that the solely pleasurable memory her mother has with April is hers. Therefore, these factors are the causes of why the relationship with her mother is alienated and fragile. April is the girlfriend of the African-American person named Bobby. As April has invited her family to join her and her boyfriend on Thanksgiving Day, they are required to prepare a feast in the festival for her family. The film “Pieces of April” has well illustrated that Bobby and April are looking forward to April’s family to come over to celebrate the festival. By showing a scene where both of them prepare a turkey in the early morning highlights that how important it is to have a family reunion. Moreover, Bobby pastes a poster with a picture of a turkey in the front door to liven up the spirit of the festival. Also, he thinks that it will be more formal and appropriate to dress up to meet April’s family for the first time. Therefore, he goes out and gets a suit for himself. Because of all these actions done, Bobby is a sweet and considerable

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