Biological versus Adoptive Relatives

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It is believed that a child who is adopted will not resemble the personalities of the adoptive parents after growing up in that environment but their personality will resemble that of the biological parents. In fact, this personality difference happens most often in families where there are adopted children present. However, I disagree strongly with this discovery. It may be well studied and researched but it is not always going to be the same in every case. For example, I have a younger sister that came into my home ten years ago as a foster child. She is thirteen now and has pretty much completely grown up in our home with little memory of here original parents. Her personality is a lot like my older sisters was when she was around that age and a lot like my moms, independent. She loves doing things on her on her own, which she gets from my mother. I can look at my little sister now and see my mother in her no matter how hard it is to believe since my mother is her adoptive mother. So in this case the environment of my home and family has shaped her personality rather than the genes of her biological family. On the other hand my little sister also has a younger sister in a different foster home and has a completely different personality that her adoptive parents. However, my younger sister Rebekah and her sister Rachel may live in two different homes but have somewhat similar personalities when it comes to being around people. They can both be shy around big groups of people they are not familiar with but when you get them talking, laughing, and playing around they do not want to stop. So I disagree to a certain extent when it comes to adopted children resembling their biological parents personalities because it is not always the case. As to siblings being separated at very young ages and having different personalities I will agree because I have seen

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