What's Eating Gilbert Grape Essay

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Movie Review – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape The objective of this assignment is to produce a well-informed analysis report on a movie comprising of a brief synopsis, insight into the cultural setting of the movie, the description of the main intended message and an illustration of how the movie is used as a medium to convey important values within a society as well as other relevant information. This assignment requires the student to conduct an analysis on the 1993 movie by director Lasse Hallstrom. The movie stars Johnny Depp, Juliette Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio. Based on a 1991 novel by Peter Hedges who also wrote the screenplay, this movie is well known for DiCaprio’s Academy Award nominated performance for Best Supporting Actor. The story revolves around Gilbert Grape (Depp) and his life with mentally challenged brother Arnie (DiCaprio), obese mother Bonnie, older sister Amy (Laura Harrington) and younger sister Ellen (Mary Kate Schellhardt). Synopsis The story starts with Gilbert and Arnie waiting for tourist trailers to pass through during their yearly camping tradition at a nearby recreational area. Bonnie, the mother, after the suicide of her husband, fell into depression. She had not left the house in years and grew obese, parking herself on the couch in front of the television. Unable to care for her children, Gilbert has taken on the mantle of parenthood, assisted by elder sister Amy. The younger sister, Ellen is an unruly character and will incur the annoyance of the audience. Gilbert works at Lamson’s Grocery store which is threatened by the opening of a new supermarket. During this time he has an affair with a housewife, Betty (Mary Steenburgen) whose husband, Ken (Kevin Tighe) is intent on selling insurance to Gilbert for his family. Throughout the film however, Gilbert mistakes his enthusiasm for him hinting that he knows of the affair. With
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