Loretta Lynn Biography

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Catherine Terry App 200; Introduction to Appalachia Catherine Herdman September 6, 2015 Loretta Lynn was born and raised in rural Eastern Kentucky in Butcher Holler, Van Lear, Kentucky. Being a coal miner’s daughter, she was married at 15, and began writing and singing her own music in her early 20’s. She went from signing in local honky-tonks, receiving small-time record deals, on to national tours and hit singles with the help of her husband, Oliver Lynn. By this time the couple had 4 children, yet the struggles, her husband pushed her to prevail. Her first single became a hit in 1960, “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl”. The movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter” is a biography of the life and music career of one the greatest country music singers that come from east of the Mississippi River, in my opinion. This movie being set in the late 1948’s to the 1970’s, portrays a lot of stereotypical…show more content…
Lots and lots of babies in this time period. Pregnancies started young, and often came back to back not allowing mothers to have much time to heal from the previous. This movie portrays it as Loretta Lynn has her first early in her marriage to Oliver and having four children by the age of twenty (20). This is definitely a stand true stereotype that I can understand. Working in the emergency department of our local hospital, I see so many young girls ranging from fourteen (14) and older having babies while still being babies themselves. Some are going on baby number two. Although I don’t feel like they are necessarily throwing their lives away, they are definitely making high school and the continuance of a college career a challenge. One could say this is where, between being married young and having babies’ young, the age old saying “barefoot and pregnant” comes into play. I read an article on the internet that said Loretta Lynn once stated in an interview that she had four babies before she ever knew why she was having
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