Personal Narrative: North Miami Police Station

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In November 2005, I worked for North Miami Police Station as a file clerk for the Records Department. I had already worked there for a year when I got my brand new car, a Dodge Stratus customized by me to include a Stereo System, CB radio, and Police Scanner. On December 19, 2005 the week before Christmas, the weather was about 52 degrees or so and it was raining lightly that morning. The rain was hitting the windshield and I had the wipers going as I made my way down Interstate 95 to the toll plaza, which was about an hour or so from my home. As I got off of I-95, I noticed that, even though the rain was hitting the windshield, it was hitting the cold pavement and creating puddles. It was about 9:15 in the morning and the sun was warming…show more content…
In a 3 second moment that seemed to move in slow motion, I grabbed the wheel tight, and then blacked out upon impact with the truck. I remember yelling very loudly out loud to myself expletives I’d never spoken before. I actually recall the Chevy hood ornament before we hit, head-on. The truck and the car were totaled in 3 seconds. The driver, although he saw me, could do nothing to avoid me. The rise was on one side and a pole was on the other. He pushed me backwards about 100 feet into the rise. I later learned that when we came to rest, my seat was 2 feet behind where it had been mounted. My head apparently smashed into the dashboard or steering wheel with such a force that I broke my shoulder in 3 places and took a big bite out of my lip. I don't know a lot about what happened at the scene because I was unconscious. All I can say is that it was because of my guardian angel, the North Miami Volunteer Ambulance, and the grace of God that I'm still around. The next thing I knew, I was on my back on the way to Jackson Memorial Hospital. I woke up briefly and heard them phoning ahead from the ambulance. I was surprised to be alive. I had no feeling in my legs, but I didn't panic. I think it’s because they had me full of…show more content…
My family began arriving a little at a time. My sisters and mother soon made their way to the hospital. I can only imagine what they had been told. The outlook wasn't great for a 100% recovery, but I never complained. I was in a double room and my roommate, Marie, a heavy girl, had jumped off the roof of her house and shattered her knee. She was there almost as long as I was and I later saw her at physical therapy. She never walked the same again and experienced several complications while in the hospital. What seemed like a simple fracture turned into a nightmare for her, and what seemed like a hopeless situation for me turned out alright. I couldn’t help but wonder why I was so lucky. After several weeks, I was informed that my vertebra was healing properly and that soon I would be put on the "tilt-table", a device that would prepare my circulatory system to be vertical again. You see, apparently the heart gets so accustomed to pumping blood horizontally that is needs to be conditioned to pump "uphill" again. My leg muscles were so weak that I could not even support my own

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