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Ramesh Ghimire WU 101 Jorden Noller ACADEMIC PLAN I am currently a freshman in Washburn University studying as Computer and Information Science major student. Academically, I have been facing lot of difficulties since the beginning of the semester, my first one. I have travelled from different hemisphere of the globe in search of better education in United States and ultimately to be academically successful. My major aim is to be an aerospace engineer in future. I dream of myself flying a boing especially military aircraft and I want to see myself doing that in very near and of course not in dream. I am kind of eveready to face any kind of academic challenges that come in my way to academic success. According to the advisor I have taken five classes this semester. They are, Freshman Composition, Washburn Experience, Calculus 1, Java Programming, and Java Programming Lab. Some of the subjects are easy to understand and concentrate on but some are tougher for me. Since I am transferring from Washburn University as it doesn’t offers any engineering courses in Bachelor level along with the change in academic major that Washburn doesn’t offers, I didn’t see any significance in meeting with my academic advisor at all. I believe I am the one following up my dreams, waking up everyday after the dream of flying boing, staring at the YouTube videos about the aircrafts, and everything. I realized that success and betterment of every individual depends upon the way they plan their academic career. I am transferring to the University of Texas at Austin to study aerospace engineering and I have been accepted there within two days of my application. I will definitely study about the planes, its structures, air movement but my dream is working with NASA in the process of sending people

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