After Civil War: Racism In The United States

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Ramon Trujillo History 112 B June 27, 2010 Racism After the civil war, slavery was abolished but still is felt today. The repercussions of having that mentality of superiority over others are dangers. The way God created us was not to be singled out but in contrary to be unique. “The North won the civil war but lost the memory” (Professor Steve Burnett). A new south emerges from the ashes with a softer view of slavery after the war. It all started with the last phase of reconstruction of the south. Redemption, the return of white authority in the south. After the African Americans won there freedom they still where pushed aside because of their color. The south was a poor agriculture society. The poor wanted that feeling of…show more content…
He states that capitalism is self regulated and the government should keep their hand off. Capitalism is supposed to be “survival of the fittest”. Darwin idea of adaption and survival is the strongest (h.c.6/16/10). This is a very good thing for the economy to boom with industries but bad for the black laborers. That’s the reason why it has a shine on the gilded surface. The country started to be a superpower. The United States economy bloom with the industries. The problem with this concept is not fair. It’s not on the same playing field; the wealthier has an advantage over the poor. In the gilded era the capitalisms ran out of control all for making money. Marx is best known for criticizing capitalism. In his concept, he states the rich gets richer by the theft of labor. Laborer is exploited by their suppressors. (History class 6/16/10). Poor work conditions and wages take affect on the working class. The cheap metal underneath the shine of the gilded age was corruption. The rich took advantage of the black working class. African Americans where getting paid cents because of their past. They figured they wasn’t getting wages before and took advantage of the situation. The Child labor and poor wages was an everyday issue in society. This issues formed unions and government changed laws for work conditions in the next era. The thin layer of gleam of the gilded surface was about…show more content…
African Americans were refused of becoming an officer. If there was an African Americans officer he couldn’t fight in the war because of racial issues. The whites didn’t want to take orders from a black man, so the military didn’t allow them to go to war (Berkin, et al., pg#649). Because of the war there was a lot of employment in the north. That caused the Great Migration. African Americans where still getting lynched in the south, which a lot of them escaped to the north for a better living. In the south they were getting fifty cents compared to three dollars in Chicago. In this era, yellow journalism changes to muckraker’s journalism. Muckrakers where created to uncover the truth and change our lifestyle. The Chicago Defender was started for the black communities, under the Muckraker style. Every time there was a lynching, the paper would put up a banner to show the world (History class 6/24/10). One of our country worst racial riots was in Illinois killing African Americans and destroying their homes. Within a few weeks into the war, people didn’t show sympathy. “No land that loves to lynch [black people] can lead the host of Almighty God” (Berkin, et al., pg #663). He’s referring to our country and stand for moral values. How can this country lead people with the things this country is doing within. A good example of our historical view of a black man was made into a movie

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